by Incoqnekro

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released June 6, 2006


tags: rap Atlanta


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Incoqnekro Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Day Off

It's my day off and I gotta fat sack of grass,
and best believe I'm gettin crunk Im bout to show neked ass
I reach up in my pocket feelin that dat wallet be thumpin
for me to get up on some hooker and get down to the humpin, but first

I gotta see what it be wit the chicken,
I gets up in the fridge and see theint nothin finger lickin
so I hops in the impala and head down to the store
I gets some colt some optimos and then I yell at the hoe

Baby, whatcha got, she said to me grinin gleamin,
and then i heard she had a voice that was deeper than a demon
but I figured that she just might be a real heavy smoker
and yall know, when she be talkin, she sound just like al roker

so we hops up in da hoopdy and we started to cruise
as we got down to the sexin, and i found out the bad news,
that this hoe wasn't no lady, not a female at all
and that she aint got no big titties, all she got be some balls

Niggas huffin and puffin, while the cops a be cuffin
make sure to finish all yo breakfast, even the bran muffin
so you try to be trickin when the cops a be stickin
just sit right back and think bout over some gravy and chicken

and now we talking the talk, and maybe walking the walk,
and we been playin so much hopscotch that we just ran outta chalk
you know we keepin it, keepin it, real, over the day,
keepin it really chill, takin da takin da pill, cause she will, cause she pay the bill

now when I'm layin back real deep,
just about to taste that sweet sweet sleep,
you come creepin and seepin, sayin your heart a be weepin'
so shut yo mouth and be be quiet, to myself I been keepin

and I ain't hear a word about whatchu gotta say,
I work 7 hard days at the dock of the bay,
so now cry all you want, I know you just play, gonna lay right here,
it's my off day
Track Name: Get High
Get High:


Man, it's been a long day and I'm feelin kinda tired,
cause the funky boss is trippin, cold let me know I'm fired,
so I head up to the crib, in the fleetwood cadilac
turn the bass up, broke a swisher, and I reach into my sack,

twist the goodies in the optimo to put my mind at ease,
when I'm lost up in that woody bet I'm gonna hit dem trees
when I listen to dat music, put dat song be soundin wrong,
gotta put it in the atmosphere and take it to the bong,

now mary jane be to the brain, what that sunshine be snow
so I flip the script, and take a ride, and blaze up on that dro
head to church's cause I'm hurtin for dat chicken when it's fried
walked up in the place and saw flordia evans with red eyes

now you know the pope be smokin and dat dhali lama too,
dat nigga jesus used to blaze up back in 1982
man the highway got me swervin an the music got me playin
and the dro done got me fucked up I forgot what I was sayin man, shit

these niggas always talkin bout how we got high,
cause everytime we smokin, there be clouds in the sky
fuck that nick and dime, i'm the main supply
sellin weed by the pound till the sack go dry

I got the funky funk, I got purple purp
I got dat reggie miller that's straight out da dirt
so when you in A-town and you wanna get high,
aim that gun, at the sun, and shoot the sky

just wait til night, if you wanna get high
you got my beeper number, and you know this bweigh
just listen for the knock, aint no passin by
just dial 1-800-dro-dro if you want to buy

I'm a mother fuckin gangsta from a motherfuckin hood
and when I bring the sack, you know you should
have enough funds to settle your debt,
bweigh I'll take yo life for the disrespect

We gonna light it up, hold the smoke, blow it out it aint no joke
take another, feel the fire, hold yo breath and then perspire
feel real good, now you stoned, left yo ass, all alone
don't be scared, just be high, maybe later you gonna die

just a joke, just for fun, keep on smokin til its done
once it's out, find some more, roll da blunt and lock da door
eat some food, get real sick, call the bitch get on yo dick
do you once, do you twice, blow job, hand job, that's real nice

push dat hoe right out da door and once she gone then smoke some mo
get so high, yet again, it's yo weed don't tell yo friends,
you run out? whatchu know, grab some money and buy some dro
pack it up, in a bowl, smoke down deep, reach yo goal,

high we is, life's a bore, get high later, that's for sure
everyday, just the same, plant some weed and wait for rain
never comes? that's alright, steal some plants late at night
buy the black, break it open, roll that weed and then start smokin
Track Name: ZATL

Woah, step back, reality check, dead motherfuckers be steppin on deck
from JFK to Alex Trebek, zombie bitches frontin in the best respect
I heard dem moan and saw them scream, so i grabbed up a can of gasoline
started to douse and soak dem down, struck up a match and dropped it on the ground
the flames went up and dey begin to burn, but zombie motherfuckers, refuse to learn
so I grabbed a rocket, saved just for me, let loose from the barrel, an RPG...BOOM!
zumbie parts everywhere, got a piece of JFK, stuck in my hair
see mo down the street, you'd think I care, just call George bush get da army there

In the ATL we killin dead niggaz fo sho
And if da glock don't work, destroy em with dat nasty raw flow
It's thriller night, and deez zombiez lookin to eat
But they came to the wrong city cuz dis aint no trick or treat
We'll cut out all of this rhymin, and then get rid of the beatz
Before we let deez muthafuckin zombiez run deez streets
WE hit em in the front and in the back all at once
And den we hit em with dat shoryuken dragon punch
In cabbagetown yellow lines be runnin red
From killin zumbie niggaz dats alreddy been dead
Zombies on Ralph David Aernathy its true
In ATL we slayin zombies from da woodz 2 da zoo
Abd if yall aint reddy fo dat zombie attack
Den Incoqnekro iz that muthafuckaz got yall back

Oh shit, the zombies in my yard, so I take a shovel and I hit em really hard
I hit em in da head till dey brains fall out, I thought dey all wuz dead till I hear one shout,
BRAINS! so i turn around quick, pulled out my 9 and make it go click click
I put one in his head, and when dey hit the ground, I turned around again when I hear a new sound
mangy-ass zombie dog, coming at me quick, looking at my leg like dey made of bacon strip
I reach on back,I grab a 2x4, I hit dat doggy in the head and he aint come at me no more
thinkin shits fucked up, my kicks is scuffed up, so I go inside to get a spliff puffed up
I lock the doors and then I lit dat thang up, turned on da tv, when my cell phone rang up
Track Name: Damn!

DAMN! Das a big ol' booty (OOOOHH LEMME GIT SUM!)
DAMN! Das sum Big Ol Titty (OOOOHH LEMME GIT SUM!)
DAMN! Das a fine ass ho (OOOOHH LEMME GIT SUM!)
DAMN! Das a fire ass dro (OOOOHH LEMME GIT SUM!)

Well now dem curtains to yo show be open wide as a fist
And so I hold my breaf and scuba dive into dat abyss
And baby I aint playin games I gotsta git between dem legs
And how bout instead of talkin you gimme some head
Bitches be thinkin dat I werk at Midas I got dat touch
And U kno I be so polite I be thankin very much
For lettin me get dirty all night in yo (crevice and crack)
And lettin me flip you over givin yo (booty a smack)
Let her know she dealin wit a pimp, call me Dolemite
Gittin head from dem junkies wit no teeth deaint gonna bite
Git up on dis dick and invite yo chickenhead fiends
cuz when you come up in my crib know da fuckin never ends
I be layin down da pipes, I be spreadin da love
I hits it raw neked and nude and dont be wearin no glove
Gotsta drop da hiroshima nad do da cleveland steamer
Befo' I squirt you wit dat milk Im talkin non-dairy creamer
Said godDAMN, now Im hungry go on and make me a samich
Befo' I go muthafuckin apeshit Im talkin bananas
U wantsta git it crunk all day and knock da boots al night
My trouser snake gon slither cross da flo and turn out da lights
And you can do da research baby cuz you know deez da facts
I gits up right behind ya, (Gurrl!) knock da sweat off yo back
So if you do not like to be fucked, den I do not suggest
You comin round dis Incoqnekro wit dem ittybittybigoltittybreast

Let me tell ya little story bout da cincinnati snap
spread dem legs wide like dey be smearin da pap
stick dat U-shaped hand real deep, in dat roast beef
and don't you stop pushin till hit the back of her teeth
do that slight of hand, got dat prestidigitation,
got that motion like the ocean from the wave of masturbation
once dat finger start a'pushin from the other side,
let dem fingers snap, then she turn the tide
yeaint gotta be a pro to keep dem hoes in check,
whip dat penis hammer, start destroyin da deck
renovation aside, she be turnin the knob,
and blowin down so hard dat big bad wolf done lost his job
eat my bacon and cheese, it don't matter if it smelly,
aint no butter on your toast, just dat KY jelly
we drinkin on dat port, in the back of the club,
and if dat hoe be too dry take a dip in the mud
well if yaint been boggin, well there's a very simple trick,
keep some soap and hot water wash the dirt off yo dick
and when it all said and done, she straight sparked up da dro,
she took a hit, and took a slip, and put her ass on da floor
incoqnekro keep a'laughin and we bustin a gut
and best be sho I keep on yellin when I'm bustin a nut
dem big ol titties make you kinda flirty,
but when the clothes come off and da legs fly up, I know you just dirty
Track Name: Robba Nigga Blind
Robba nigga blind, shoot em up (make sho he dead)
Robba nigga blind, shoot em up(make sho he dead)
Robba nigga blind, shoot em up(make sho he dead)
Robba nigga blind, shoot em up(make sho he dead)

If I see it and want it, you bet I be takin,
leavin women and dem niggaz, cryin and shakin
with dat sawed-off shotgun, you sure I aint fakin
cause dem digits in the bank, you sho I be makin

So we ride up clean, straight 5 deep, laughing gas to make you sleep,
guns in hand, what the plan? rob dem tills and say god damn
you got some courage you know wassup, you got some green that sure enough
if dat nigga starts to fight, pull the trigger and say goodnight,
cause he think got the right to yell and scream and run in fright,
once you got cash in hand, run real fast from the man
leave dat blue light special behind, check your roll count every dime
cause we got dat 5 deep, rollin niggas on the street

I'm a straight up steal yo wallet,
then I run home cuz I got it,
wearing all yo bling say I bought it
fuck a police don't call it

I don't need a job, I just take all yo money
put my gun in yo face, and you won't think it's funny
if you don't give it up den you gonna get hurt
I advise that you give me wallet, shoes, and yo shirt
You think this jus a joke, nigga I aint even playing
this is how I live, not just words that I'm saying
I could take your daughter, or I can take your wife
I could take your money or, I can take yo life....

Murder's all she wrote, got a death note
killed some dope, woke up with his cock in his throat
he got chocked for the mother fucking pistol smoke
now he can't even toke, da kind you can't even smoke
I swear to god I saw his teeth hit the concrete
had him eating ice cream for about another week
got a gay-ass lisp, when he try to speak,
homey hidin in the projects like a little freak
I knew his ass would go down,
before I hit em or spit em and then I bit em fighting dirty in the street. we beat em!
make sure to kick him ass while he down,
wipe dat stupid ass smirk off his face into a frown, he like
mommy, mommy, I got knocked to the ground, she like
fuck with incoqnekro, you gonna be a clown,
that's whats up when you make stupid ass mistakes,
one dumb move is all it fuckin takes,
to get your ass blown out, with some bullets in your face,
your girlfriend's suckin my dick, cause her drink got laced
she got slipped a couple mickeys, she got a couple hickies,
her vagina's all sticky from her homeboy named ricky, she like
Oh man, she pregnant again, she like
god damn, the faggot likes men, she like
ooo ahh, you better be gone, and I'm like
hell nah, mama's TV got pawned

Well you know last time that I checked mang I got nuttin to lose
so gimme yo cigarettes, yo chain and yo air jodan shoes
I pull da heat up out da jeans and I watch dem roaches scatter
and you can call the ho-lice nigga cuz it dont even matter
and robbin niggaz on da street homeboi Im a professional
and I dont go to no bullshit church so dis track confessional
I bust up in da club and I steal on you and all yo bitches
a playa dont even know what to do wit all da munney and richez
and deez sucka MCs hate, cuz a playa masterbate
To dat wallet-sized polaroid of dey daughters face
If you got somethin I want, nigga you besta pad lock it
I aint happy 2 see you aint no banana in my pocket cuz I (robba nigga blind)
Track Name: MARTA(Ridin Rail in da ATL)
so we takin' a trip, here to there, gonna ride for the day for dat 2 buck fare
dat marta train be runnin' hot, takin white folks where they should be not
dat 5 points be the final stop, elevators, stairs get to da top
you see dem folks, squeeze the breeze, got dat card yeint had these
well it's been a long time since i caught the view,
seen the sunset up on north ave,
stop, drop, roll the dew, hop straight on a bus bound southbound too
gonna find yourself at MLK, project homes now what I say
best find yo train before dark, gonna find yo body out in the park
headin south to west end mall, see this bum up up against the wall
at first he wuz straight cold playin, couldn't understand a damn word he was sayin
down came his pants straight like a brown comet, the smell hit my nose I began to vomit
I ducked out the door at the very next station and at dat moment came a strong senstation
Where we at? where we be? motherfuckas gonna die 'less yall tell me
dis ho looked up and open her teeth, stankass breath smell like roast beef
"you silly ass bweigh, dont ya know these things, just look around you this be sandy springs"
shit, alright, I guess it be tight, gonna catch a flick at the point tonight

I get up in the mornin, then I get da train
I got a swisher for smokin a chicken head for a brain
I strap a gat for the static suggest dat you do the same
you never know what could happen might have to silence a lamb
I keep a fully-automatic in my town dats a must
in the south we call dem choppers they leave you in the dust
so if you ever see me or my niggas ridin the train
you best believe we be slangin the highest grade of dat cane
oh yeah we git it by the trainload and we move it in days
cuz I'm the king of dat MARTA go 'head and give me dat praise
they say the good lord he be workin in mysterious ways
that's why He gave us all the tokens and the weed we can blaze
so if you ever need a bag, shotty, hop on da MARTA
and just give me a couple prezidentz, walk off wit a quarter
we just a couple dope boys out here tryin to make a dollar
so when you reach my stop come find my ass and holla

Met dis big boty ho on MARTA she was a freak
I got up in dat ho from 5 points to indian creek
I sat down in dat seat and den a playa lit up dat joint
be smokin on dat stanky hydro from lakewood to east point
aww man you shoulda seen, it was straight masterbation
all the way from Dunwoody down to Lindbergh station
hater tried to pull a stunt, so I shot his as dead
and then I dipped out on dat west line headed straight 2 bankhead
saw dis bowlegged lady wit, 1, big, tittay
so I jiggled it from the west end to vine citay
buster came p talkin shit, and it start goin down
and so I pistol whipped his ass to Inman Park-Reynoldstown
Motherfucker came up to me, started yellin to stop
so I beat da shit out that muthafuckin MARTA cop
Met dis skanky little ho, she was fresh outta jail
and U can bet a nigga had dat bitch, ridin a rail
on da MARTA
Track Name: Git Buck Git Crunk

I'm a full bred, god damn, motherfuckin master
if you try to step up we put your body in plaster
bweigh don't fail to comprehend the powers at hand
why don't you drink some robotussin and start to understand
don't be scared of things less known to you
why don't you buck up on a nigga, give em the ol one two
and if he still tryin to fight well theres one last thing to do
that is to pull out da heat and let loose on his crew
feel one hundred bodies fall to the ground
they be takin and shakin and makin dat beautiful sound
and if you still standing tall well that's all dat matters
we gonna leave that sorry excuse for a crew in blood and tatters
once we done wit that we gonna git buck
get some free TVs right off the back of the truck
we gonna keep on ridin dirty and there aint no end in sight
just keep on livin for dat crunk and be dying for the fight
our women be yellin, rockets propellin, make a million cold hard from the drugs we be sellin
that's alright with me when i be down wit the crew
bring dat crunk down to the floor, represent what it do
we got these truths, that are made from surmising
and when they start takin from us it shouldn't be surprisin
our world is risin, sounds appetizing
time for all ya niggas here to start recognizin

the pussy, we ram it, the beer we slam it
pushin motherfuckas gettin crunk god damn it
the planes, demanded, radical islamic, when is yo punk ass gonna understand it
the punches, we landed, the game, we ran it, if you talkin shit then you gonna have to can it
because texas got dat screw, miami's got dat bass, memphis gettin buck, new orleans bounce in your face
ATL gettin crunk in this god damn place, so get dat archie bunker shit up out of my face
she got a big ol butt, bigger than jabba the hut, and it makes any god damn fuckin bitch look like a slut
I said damn!, give me thanks for who I am, the son of sam, you'll eat your balls outta ya hand
drinkin dat syzurp, makin everything slow, speed dat shit back up when we snortin some blow
get my nutsack rolled by some god damn ho, we'll do anything to make these niggas rock and roll
if you sell your soul, cause you lost control, make the devil let it burn, stop, drop, nigga roll!

I wake up, get outta bed, brush my teeth and GET IT CRUNK
While Im ridin down tha street yall thank its freaknik in my trunk
See this crunkness comes from within and it burns and it grows
until I get out on dat flo, and I start throwin bows
and I aint care I get it crunk, any time of da day
I wipe my booty wit yo money den I throw it away
and dont you pretend dat U buck, cuz U know U cant fake it
Da crunk'll run up on your soul, kick da door down and take it
And it dont git much more crunkified dan me and da crew
we gits it crunker dan Willie B. at de Atlanta zoo
and get high, get low, get L and get BOW
Make da bass hit so hard, dat da whole place break dey nose
ride the rythm taste the beat and catch da flow of da words
and grab yo ho and twist yo blunt and den get high like da birds
and when U see me on da street, call me his royal crunkness
and any disrespect Ill jack yo crunk and den leave you buckless
and you walk up da club wit a gold grill and leave tothless
its cuz deez ATL niggaz be dirty and ruthless
so if U don't think that U crunk enough stay out of the south
cuz incoqnekro keep it crazy represent SLAUGHTERHAUS
Track Name: Pistolwhip

I dont wanna kill nobody I dont wanna catch no case
so I take da glock out and I pistol whip em in da face
head back to da crib, and dat chickenhead start actin up
so I take da smith & wesson pistol whip her in da butt
head up 2 dat liquor store, and dat clerk was actin was actin rude
so i took out da baretta and I pistol whipped da dude
rolled into dis party and it started gettin crazy
so I pistol whip a mom & dad den pistol whip a baby
had to go to court to get my sentence for assault
so I went up to approach da bench and said it aint my fault
judge called me a menace, den he went into a fury
so I pistol whipped his ass and then I pistol whipped da jury

Now who wanna step up shawtay who takin da place
of all deez niggaz deez niggaz just pistol whipped in da face
and all I needs is a gun, shawtay dont need me no bullets
but dont you try to get buck cuz I'll take dat trigger I pull it
And if you come through edgewood shawtay dont trip
How you gon ask me who be musty be yo upper lip
and yea I pistol whip a nigga when da breaf be hot
its incoqnekro pistol whippin niggaz straight to da top

So we start rollin up your house when you fast asleep
nothing but the valuables from yo crib do we intend to keep
don't be tryin to stop a playa who be strap with da gat
just open yo eyes and take a breaf and life goes out like dat
gonna make you see all kinds of beautiful colors when I knock you down
and when you reach the floor, tell how dat weather be from the ground
and if it don't work and you start to move your body and hips
i'll make sure you, yo mammy, wife n kids get a bag of pistolwhips
so, be thinkin and talkin and pimpin and walkin for something dat says I'm a master but
becuz i'm a playa, by every nay-sayer, your life will be ending faster
you think dis just a joke, nigga check out my mercedes
I guarantee tomorrow you'll be pushin up the daises
Track Name: Know Ya Know Yall Dead
I'm wheelin, dealin, robbin, stealin, can't keep up with how many ho's pussies I'm feelin,
she kneelin, suckin on my cock and it's healin, she squealin like a pig on some slop, that we mealin
wit motherfuckin this, wit motherfuckin dat, these motherfuckers smoke, dis motherfuckin crack
these motherfuckin git, so motherfuckin high, dat these motherfuckers kill, then these motherfuckers die
then we gonna get blind, tonight! put my glock to yo forehead, nigga dats right
you gonna go to heaven, ya a gonna take a flight, if you black, blue, purple, yellow, or motherfuckin white

I'm on the attack
You're on the defense
I'm packin the gat and I'm jumpin the fence
I'm clearin you out, my glock's blazin
It's time to check out like high noon at the days inn
You think I was playin?
sayin "fuck you, pay me"
you shoulda been thinkin "this nigga's gonna filet me
If I don't put up the cash nobodys gonna save me
but now I'm cut in half cuz thats how i play the game, G
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
sometiiiiiimes the bullet finds you randomly, too.
That's the way it goes and the way it's always been
but life's a game and its he who last laughs wins
Just like I was sayin to this nigga just the other day
when life give you lemons, you besta make lemonade
I took the boots to his face like I was in a parade
You gotta do what you gotta do
if you wanna get paid.

Well fuck restin in peace, playa Im restin in crunk
And fuck, pourin out a sip playa just smoke me a blunt
and ask da god lord jesus why come a playa be dead and he said
a hollw point, playa straight to da head
I said aint dat bout a bitch mang
I used da barrell of da glock, on my head, just to scratch a fuckin itch mang
well listen playa, you shoulda know better
cuz you just splattered all yo brains acrosst yo favorite sweater
I said damn dis da end, no mo slappin hos and throwin bows and puttin all dat dro in da wind
Hell naw playa take da hits and live but dont you dare try to
run cuz if you livin by dat bullet you gon die by dat gun
Track Name: Meet Cho Maker

Well now you know dat dis here playa cant pretend to be no faker
And doin it for the bread, gets you mixed up wit dat baker
Now dey say dat when dat time come you gon be yo brothers keeper
but dat bullshit dont mean nuttin when U starin at da reaper
mang you know some folks dey dont ever stop lookin for da hit
until it hit em right and dey fall down and cant get up fo shit
When you starin at dat tunnel, and dat light be gettin nearer
den you really able to see dat complete picture much clearer
you can say all dat you want, bout da struggle to survive
but when dat doom come it dont matter cuz noone gon be alive
now you worry bout dat traffic and bout bein late 2 work
but all dat bullshit aint gon matter when dat maker go berzerk
take yo life for granted see how fast it can be tok away
you best appreciate the fact dat you even woke up today
and now its time to just, give yall a history lesson
about how all dat shit repeat itself and keep a playa guessin
cuz ya know everybody thinkin dey gonna be alright
until dey meet dey maker then dey aint gonna see no more day light
it don't matter if ya fight or fly so call da undertaker
cuz the place is here the time is now for you to meet cho maker bweigh

Yous about to meet yo maker hope ya ready to die
got the beretta in da sweater aimed right at yo eye
I got the extra ammuntion so aint no where to hide
mang why you runnin inside, you aint the first one to try
just take a look at all these notches i got here on my belt
each one stand for a pussy nigga nameless such as yourself
cuz when you fuck wit incoqnekro dats just bad for yo health
we take your life and yo wealth, we always do it in stealth
so when you finally meet yo maker holla at him for me
and tell him you were sent here by an A-town OG
cuz when the choppers start poppin mang even god cant hold me
I'm the one and only, best believe dat homie

Step into da light, coat check to da right, time to punch dat card for the last time tonight
cuz standin right before you is ya maker from birth, bout to take yo ass straight from dis earth
well iz you ready or is you not, for sure right now aint the time to talk,
you chance is up so connect the dots, yo ass is gonna burn in dat firey hot
don't try to be frontin on something dat you don't understand
'less you try to be somethin like dat of a much bigger man

Whatcho problem be son?
Ain't nothin, having fun. Can't a bweigh live his life not by the book but by the gun?
I don think so playa cuz dis life be just a test, I saw you feelin up on your best friend's sister's breast
mang how you gonna play a bweigh like dat it was just dat one time
cuz I'm yo maker, and score taker, makin the punishment fit the crime

so now my life has come to its last n final chapter
let dat laughter and the screams reach the highest rafter
and I aint seen angles where I sure as hell be goin
no light no sound, just dat burnin keep on growin and growin
it's hard to deal with dat fact of dat eternal damnation
but you can bet on dis here earth dat life has been my salvation
you could have been a dad or cop or synthetic fabricator
but yo time is spent, aint heaven sent by the almighty eliminator