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DAMN! Das a big ol' booty (OOOOHH LEMME GIT SUM!)
DAMN! Das sum Big Ol Titty (OOOOHH LEMME GIT SUM!)
DAMN! Das a fine ass ho (OOOOHH LEMME GIT SUM!)
DAMN! Das a fire ass dro (OOOOHH LEMME GIT SUM!)

Well now dem curtains to yo show be open wide as a fist
And so I hold my breaf and scuba dive into dat abyss
And baby I aint playin games I gotsta git between dem legs
And how bout instead of talkin you gimme some head
Bitches be thinkin dat I werk at Midas I got dat touch
And U kno I be so polite I be thankin very much
For lettin me get dirty all night in yo (crevice and crack)
And lettin me flip you over givin yo (booty a smack)
Let her know she dealin wit a pimp, call me Dolemite
Gittin head from dem junkies wit no teeth deaint gonna bite
Git up on dis dick and invite yo chickenhead fiends
cuz when you come up in my crib know da fuckin never ends
I be layin down da pipes, I be spreadin da love
I hits it raw neked and nude and dont be wearin no glove
Gotsta drop da hiroshima nad do da cleveland steamer
Befo' I squirt you wit dat milk Im talkin non-dairy creamer
Said godDAMN, now Im hungry go on and make me a samich
Befo' I go muthafuckin apeshit Im talkin bananas
U wantsta git it crunk all day and knock da boots al night
My trouser snake gon slither cross da flo and turn out da lights
And you can do da research baby cuz you know deez da facts
I gits up right behind ya, (Gurrl!) knock da sweat off yo back
So if you do not like to be fucked, den I do not suggest
You comin round dis Incoqnekro wit dem ittybittybigoltittybreast

Let me tell ya little story bout da cincinnati snap
spread dem legs wide like dey be smearin da pap
stick dat U-shaped hand real deep, in dat roast beef
and don't you stop pushin till hit the back of her teeth
do that slight of hand, got dat prestidigitation,
got that motion like the ocean from the wave of masturbation
once dat finger start a'pushin from the other side,
let dem fingers snap, then she turn the tide
yeaint gotta be a pro to keep dem hoes in check,
whip dat penis hammer, start destroyin da deck
renovation aside, she be turnin the knob,
and blowin down so hard dat big bad wolf done lost his job
eat my bacon and cheese, it don't matter if it smelly,
aint no butter on your toast, just dat KY jelly
we drinkin on dat port, in the back of the club,
and if dat hoe be too dry take a dip in the mud
well if yaint been boggin, well there's a very simple trick,
keep some soap and hot water wash the dirt off yo dick
and when it all said and done, she straight sparked up da dro,
she took a hit, and took a slip, and put her ass on da floor
incoqnekro keep a'laughin and we bustin a gut
and best be sho I keep on yellin when I'm bustin a nut
dem big ol titties make you kinda flirty,
but when the clothes come off and da legs fly up, I know you just dirty


from Incoqnekronomicon, released June 6, 2006


tags: rap Atlanta


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Incoqnekro Atlanta, Georgia

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