Know Ya Know Yall Dead

from by Incoqnekro

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I'm wheelin, dealin, robbin, stealin, can't keep up with how many ho's pussies I'm feelin,
she kneelin, suckin on my cock and it's healin, she squealin like a pig on some slop, that we mealin
wit motherfuckin this, wit motherfuckin dat, these motherfuckers smoke, dis motherfuckin crack
these motherfuckin git, so motherfuckin high, dat these motherfuckers kill, then these motherfuckers die
then we gonna get blind, tonight! put my glock to yo forehead, nigga dats right
you gonna go to heaven, ya a gonna take a flight, if you black, blue, purple, yellow, or motherfuckin white

I'm on the attack
You're on the defense
I'm packin the gat and I'm jumpin the fence
I'm clearin you out, my glock's blazin
It's time to check out like high noon at the days inn
You think I was playin?
sayin "fuck you, pay me"
you shoulda been thinkin "this nigga's gonna filet me
If I don't put up the cash nobodys gonna save me
but now I'm cut in half cuz thats how i play the game, G
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
sometiiiiiimes the bullet finds you randomly, too.
That's the way it goes and the way it's always been
but life's a game and its he who last laughs wins
Just like I was sayin to this nigga just the other day
when life give you lemons, you besta make lemonade
I took the boots to his face like I was in a parade
You gotta do what you gotta do
if you wanna get paid.

Well fuck restin in peace, playa Im restin in crunk
And fuck, pourin out a sip playa just smoke me a blunt
and ask da god lord jesus why come a playa be dead and he said
a hollw point, playa straight to da head
I said aint dat bout a bitch mang
I used da barrell of da glock, on my head, just to scratch a fuckin itch mang
well listen playa, you shoulda know better
cuz you just splattered all yo brains acrosst yo favorite sweater
I said damn dis da end, no mo slappin hos and throwin bows and puttin all dat dro in da wind
Hell naw playa take da hits and live but dont you dare try to
run cuz if you livin by dat bullet you gon die by dat gun


from Incoqnekronomicon, released June 6, 2006


tags: rap Atlanta


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Incoqnekro Atlanta, Georgia

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