MARTA​(​Ridin Rail in da ATL)

from by Incoqnekro

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so we takin' a trip, here to there, gonna ride for the day for dat 2 buck fare
dat marta train be runnin' hot, takin white folks where they should be not
dat 5 points be the final stop, elevators, stairs get to da top
you see dem folks, squeeze the breeze, got dat card yeint had these
well it's been a long time since i caught the view,
seen the sunset up on north ave,
stop, drop, roll the dew, hop straight on a bus bound southbound too
gonna find yourself at MLK, project homes now what I say
best find yo train before dark, gonna find yo body out in the park
headin south to west end mall, see this bum up up against the wall
at first he wuz straight cold playin, couldn't understand a damn word he was sayin
down came his pants straight like a brown comet, the smell hit my nose I began to vomit
I ducked out the door at the very next station and at dat moment came a strong senstation
Where we at? where we be? motherfuckas gonna die 'less yall tell me
dis ho looked up and open her teeth, stankass breath smell like roast beef
"you silly ass bweigh, dont ya know these things, just look around you this be sandy springs"
shit, alright, I guess it be tight, gonna catch a flick at the point tonight

I get up in the mornin, then I get da train
I got a swisher for smokin a chicken head for a brain
I strap a gat for the static suggest dat you do the same
you never know what could happen might have to silence a lamb
I keep a fully-automatic in my town dats a must
in the south we call dem choppers they leave you in the dust
so if you ever see me or my niggas ridin the train
you best believe we be slangin the highest grade of dat cane
oh yeah we git it by the trainload and we move it in days
cuz I'm the king of dat MARTA go 'head and give me dat praise
they say the good lord he be workin in mysterious ways
that's why He gave us all the tokens and the weed we can blaze
so if you ever need a bag, shotty, hop on da MARTA
and just give me a couple prezidentz, walk off wit a quarter
we just a couple dope boys out here tryin to make a dollar
so when you reach my stop come find my ass and holla

Met dis big boty ho on MARTA she was a freak
I got up in dat ho from 5 points to indian creek
I sat down in dat seat and den a playa lit up dat joint
be smokin on dat stanky hydro from lakewood to east point
aww man you shoulda seen, it was straight masterbation
all the way from Dunwoody down to Lindbergh station
hater tried to pull a stunt, so I shot his as dead
and then I dipped out on dat west line headed straight 2 bankhead
saw dis bowlegged lady wit, 1, big, tittay
so I jiggled it from the west end to vine citay
buster came p talkin shit, and it start goin down
and so I pistol whipped his ass to Inman Park-Reynoldstown
Motherfucker came up to me, started yellin to stop
so I beat da shit out that muthafuckin MARTA cop
Met dis skanky little ho, she was fresh outta jail
and U can bet a nigga had dat bitch, ridin a rail
on da MARTA


from Incoqnekronomicon, released June 6, 2006


tags: rap Atlanta


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Incoqnekro Atlanta, Georgia

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