Meet Cho Maker

from by Incoqnekro

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Well now you know dat dis here playa cant pretend to be no faker
And doin it for the bread, gets you mixed up wit dat baker
Now dey say dat when dat time come you gon be yo brothers keeper
but dat bullshit dont mean nuttin when U starin at da reaper
mang you know some folks dey dont ever stop lookin for da hit
until it hit em right and dey fall down and cant get up fo shit
When you starin at dat tunnel, and dat light be gettin nearer
den you really able to see dat complete picture much clearer
you can say all dat you want, bout da struggle to survive
but when dat doom come it dont matter cuz noone gon be alive
now you worry bout dat traffic and bout bein late 2 work
but all dat bullshit aint gon matter when dat maker go berzerk
take yo life for granted see how fast it can be tok away
you best appreciate the fact dat you even woke up today
and now its time to just, give yall a history lesson
about how all dat shit repeat itself and keep a playa guessin
cuz ya know everybody thinkin dey gonna be alright
until dey meet dey maker then dey aint gonna see no more day light
it don't matter if ya fight or fly so call da undertaker
cuz the place is here the time is now for you to meet cho maker bweigh

Yous about to meet yo maker hope ya ready to die
got the beretta in da sweater aimed right at yo eye
I got the extra ammuntion so aint no where to hide
mang why you runnin inside, you aint the first one to try
just take a look at all these notches i got here on my belt
each one stand for a pussy nigga nameless such as yourself
cuz when you fuck wit incoqnekro dats just bad for yo health
we take your life and yo wealth, we always do it in stealth
so when you finally meet yo maker holla at him for me
and tell him you were sent here by an A-town OG
cuz when the choppers start poppin mang even god cant hold me
I'm the one and only, best believe dat homie

Step into da light, coat check to da right, time to punch dat card for the last time tonight
cuz standin right before you is ya maker from birth, bout to take yo ass straight from dis earth
well iz you ready or is you not, for sure right now aint the time to talk,
you chance is up so connect the dots, yo ass is gonna burn in dat firey hot
don't try to be frontin on something dat you don't understand
'less you try to be somethin like dat of a much bigger man

Whatcho problem be son?
Ain't nothin, having fun. Can't a bweigh live his life not by the book but by the gun?
I don think so playa cuz dis life be just a test, I saw you feelin up on your best friend's sister's breast
mang how you gonna play a bweigh like dat it was just dat one time
cuz I'm yo maker, and score taker, makin the punishment fit the crime

so now my life has come to its last n final chapter
let dat laughter and the screams reach the highest rafter
and I aint seen angles where I sure as hell be goin
no light no sound, just dat burnin keep on growin and growin
it's hard to deal with dat fact of dat eternal damnation
but you can bet on dis here earth dat life has been my salvation
you could have been a dad or cop or synthetic fabricator
but yo time is spent, aint heaven sent by the almighty eliminator


from Incoqnekronomicon, released June 6, 2006


tags: rap Atlanta


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Incoqnekro Atlanta, Georgia

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