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Woah, step back, reality check, dead motherfuckers be steppin on deck
from JFK to Alex Trebek, zombie bitches frontin in the best respect
I heard dem moan and saw them scream, so i grabbed up a can of gasoline
started to douse and soak dem down, struck up a match and dropped it on the ground
the flames went up and dey begin to burn, but zombie motherfuckers, refuse to learn
so I grabbed a rocket, saved just for me, let loose from the barrel, an RPG...BOOM!
zumbie parts everywhere, got a piece of JFK, stuck in my hair
see mo down the street, you'd think I care, just call George bush get da army there

In the ATL we killin dead niggaz fo sho
And if da glock don't work, destroy em with dat nasty raw flow
It's thriller night, and deez zombiez lookin to eat
But they came to the wrong city cuz dis aint no trick or treat
We'll cut out all of this rhymin, and then get rid of the beatz
Before we let deez muthafuckin zombiez run deez streets
WE hit em in the front and in the back all at once
And den we hit em with dat shoryuken dragon punch
In cabbagetown yellow lines be runnin red
From killin zumbie niggaz dats alreddy been dead
Zombies on Ralph David Aernathy its true
In ATL we slayin zombies from da woodz 2 da zoo
Abd if yall aint reddy fo dat zombie attack
Den Incoqnekro iz that muthafuckaz got yall back

Oh shit, the zombies in my yard, so I take a shovel and I hit em really hard
I hit em in da head till dey brains fall out, I thought dey all wuz dead till I hear one shout,
BRAINS! so i turn around quick, pulled out my 9 and make it go click click
I put one in his head, and when dey hit the ground, I turned around again when I hear a new sound
mangy-ass zombie dog, coming at me quick, looking at my leg like dey made of bacon strip
I reach on back,I grab a 2x4, I hit dat doggy in the head and he aint come at me no more
thinkin shits fucked up, my kicks is scuffed up, so I go inside to get a spliff puffed up
I lock the doors and then I lit dat thang up, turned on da tv, when my cell phone rang up


from Incoqnekronomicon, released June 6, 2006


tags: rap Atlanta


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Incoqnekro Atlanta, Georgia

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